The Wonder of Detoxing

If an alien landed on earth and wanted to know all about the latest health and beauty trends, the worlds 'detox' would be on everybody's lips. It's the all natural way to look and feel healthy without having to spend a fortune. Gone are the days when only face lift would do - now we've got better options and eternal you this not the only goal.

Many people think that detoxing - that is, either going on no-foods fast, or a diet plan which recommends only simple, cleaning foods - is anew whole range of reasons, for the thousands of year. Fasting is commonplace in the Bible and some religions still use the denial of food as a way of focusing the mind and cleansing the body in preparation for worship. In more modern times, detox programs have become widespread in addiction clinics, where they help people come off drugs or alcohol, and now many ordinary people, in the prime of their health, have found that a simple detox can benefit them too.

So what's all the fuss? Won't a holiday by the sea or in the mountains do just as much good? It's true that there's nothing like breathing in fresh air to bring your body back to life and you will certainly return from a holiday looking rested and relaxed. But had you followed the detox program too the benefits would have been even greater.
The beauty of a detox plans is that it cleanses and renews the parts that you don't normally see: your digestive system, your blood, the tiny cells that make up your body, it encourages stored toxins to be removed and rests all the digestive organs that are often so overworked. Why did not give your stomach a holiday, it deserves one just as much as you do.

Ask anyone who's been on a detox diet plan how they felt afterwards and most would agree that it left them feeling sparkling and healthier. They may have had a couple of headaches or felt a bit moody to begin with, but the end results were worth it. Just a few days on a juice fast or detox plan can result in clearer skin, brighter eyes and shiner hair and an overall feeling of extra energy, and it's all achieved in a completely natural way inside your own home.

We often feel less that perfect - tired, and suffering from poor skin, cellulite bags under our eyes, wrinkles, muscles aches indigestion, constipation, bunged up noses, and so on. But how many of us are prepare to sit down and consider just why these things occur could part of the answer be that we are putting our bodies under to much strain? We may be eating too much of the wrong foods, burning the candle at both ends, smoking, drinking, supporting a family and doing a job all at once with the result that our bodies are being denied that rest and recuperation they need to be in top form. You would have no problem justifying a household spring clean, so not do the same for your body? Good Health is so valuable, and essential if we are to enjoy life to the full.

The detox plans in this article are different from anything else you may have tried because they focus on fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Juices are nature's cleansers, and also happen to be bursting with vitamins and minerals. Drunk on their own, or combined with plain foods, they can make noticeable difference to the way you feel.
The very word 'detox' sounds quite rigorous and perhaps a little off putting. There's no doubt that you do need to be fairly disciplined when following a juice detox plan, otherwise there is little point in doing it. But it is also the ideal time to pamper yourself and to give yourself treats that make the whole things easier to contemplate! The best time to follow a juice detox plan is over a weekend or when you have some time off and can take it easy. Try to avoid too many social engagements during the plan, or you can use up your precious energy on other people instead of yourself.

If you know that you can't eat all day, your hunger pangs are bound to tempt you to snack om something like a pizza or chocolate. There's no point getting upset if you do because lots of people find it difficult to stick to the plan to begin with. They key to avoiding such temptation and also enjoying a juice detox plan is to try and keep your mind occupied with other things, a sauna perhaps, a massage, a facial or even a steamy Turkish bath. There are simply masses of fun but therapeutic activities you can do which will take your mind of that noisy stomach.

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: The Wonder of Detoxing
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: The Wonder of Detoxing
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