Ways to Help You Enjoy Your Detox Plan

Be a Bookworm

First think first: make sure you have a good supply of magazines, newspaper and book to keep your mind occupied. Your detox plan could be the big chance to catch up on all the reading you have been desperate to do.

Pen a Note

Is there someone out there you have not written to in a long time? Now is the moment to put pen to paper, when your head is clear and nothing else is pressing.

Phone Home

If a letter's too much. why not give an old friend a ring and persuade them to try out a detox plan!


Get out some film you haven't seen yet, or catch up on television programs you've had on tape for months.

Go Walkout

You shouldn't do too much strenuous exercise while on a juice detox plan, but there's nothing wrong with a short stroll in the park or by the river. Full-scale shopping is a bit too taxing. but browsing around your favourite junk stall is find.

Hot and Steamy

when you venture out of the house, why not make for your local sauna or turkish bath - both are wonderful companiments to a detox plan. The dry heat of sauna quickly open the pores in your skin and allows the toxin to work their way out. The steamy, jungle-type atmosphere of a Turkish bath is just as good and probably more interesting because there is a selection of steam rooms to try out.

The Marvel and Message

What better way to truly relax, tone up your muscles and improve circulation than to have a whole body massage. With or without aromatherapy oils, an hour's session is pampering but health-giving, refreshing yet relaxing, and is the ideal way to encourage a restful nap.

Feet Hands and Face

Have you looked at your feet recently? The chances are that they could do with a bit of attention, especially if they have been stuck inside tights and shoes all winter. A pedicure is the ultimate in pampering and goes well with a manicure. To make your self feel even more special, have a wonderfully relaxing facial to bring the roses back into your cheeks.

Home Health Club

In addition to all these activities are the equally beneficial health and beauty treatments that you can do in your own home. Daily body brushing stimulates the circulation and helps remove toxins, as do breathing exercises, hot and cold showers, salt rubs, mud packs and Epsom salt baths. Just shut your self away in the bathroom and indulge,
with so much to do, a detox plan isn't really that daunting is it? It's fun as well as therapeutic. Anyway, it would be hard to find a better excuse to curl up with a good book and be pampered. So. it's feet up and let yourself unwind. Go on you deserve it!

A Word of Warning

Unsupervised juice and cleansing plans as outlined in this article are nit suitable for children, pregnant women, those recovering from serious illness, or those with hypoglycaemia, diabetes or severe candidiasis. Dietary treatment including the use of juices can benefit the elderly and those recovering from ill health if properly supervised by your naturopath and/or General Practitioner.

Is you come under any of these categories and remain interested in following a fast or cleansing plan, seek professional advice and guidance first from your local GP, and then from a qualified naturopath or nutrition consultant.

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: Ways to Help You Enjoy Your Detox Plan
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: Ways to Help You Enjoy Your Detox Plan
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